Bowlus Maxi Gap Seal Tape 1" (25mm)

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Bowlus wing tape is the choice of champions, used by multiple World Champion Andy Davis and many of the British team.

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Bowlus Maxi Gap Seal Tape, White, 1 in
Polyethylene Film Tape 
Color: White
Width: 1" (25mm)
Length: 108 feet/roll (36 yards/roll, 32.92 meters/roll)
Thickness: 0.0055" (0.14 mm)
Adhesive: aggressive rubber adhesive (very stretchable, 400%+)

Bowlus Maxi Gap Seal Tape was created by Michael Bowlus. It has a great reputation as a fantastic gap seal tape. It is extremely stretchy polyethylene tape which allows it to follow complex curves - like the perpendicular (no fillet) joint around the leading edge of the wing root  - although no tape can form to every curve. This tape utilizes UV protection so that is lasts longer in the sun than other products. That is very important for gliders that remain rigged for long periods of time - especially if they sit in the sun all the time. The tape is designed to stay in place and not split even when you take off from an airfield with high temperatures, fly at high altitude in low temperature environments and land back in high temperatures.

Aircraft Types Using Bowlus Tape

  • Sailplanes
  • Auxiliary-powered sailplanes
  • Motorgliders
  • Light Sport Aircraft (Flight Design, Pipistrel, etc.)
  • High-performance composite aircraft (Cirrus, Lancair Legacy, Lancair IV, Long-EZ, Glasair, Glastar, etc.)
  • Classic aircraft (J3 Cub, Aviat Husky, Carbon Cub, etc.)
  • Reno air racers

High-Speed Capability
Bowlus tape has been used without issues on sailplanes and even at the Reno air racers at speeds exceeding 400 knots.


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