Dolba & Dolba BD9 FLARM Antenna and installation kit

Dolba & Dolba BD9 FLARM Antenna and installation kit

Our Price:  £95.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£79.17 Exc. VAT)

Brand:  Dolba & Dolba

This kit includes a 3m H155 cable with male SMA ends along with a long bulkhead connector and the famouse BD9 antenna.

The kit is aimed at inspectors and pilots who want to fit the antenna themselves typicaly behind the wheel box in Shemmp Hirth and Alexander Schleicher gliders. 9please note, you shoudl consult the manufactures guidelines for fitting antennas through the tail boom structure. PLease also note, you shoudl not use the drain hole for this purpose!

The cable is high quality H155 cable with factory fitted SMA connectors.These connectors conenct to an existing falrm antenna socket on your flarm device and the other end connects to the bulkhead connector. The BD9 antenna then screws on to the exposed bulkhead connector externaly.

This is a particularly low-resistance antenna with a high-quality plug made by antenna experts Dolba & Dolba in Germany. 

This antenna is especially designed for mounting below the fuselage. 

Mounting this antenna far away from disturbing influences allows a good all-round Flarm signal reception. 

In combination with a directional antenna (BD 8 or BD 14 from Dolba & Dolba or another more commonly found type of Flarm antenna) and a PowerFLARM/PowerMouse units with both antennas activated (RFB) you can achieve optimal Flarm signal coverage.

Omnidirectional lambda / 4 monopole (counterweight required)

Frequency : 868 MHz 
Dimensions : diameter 0.8 mm; Length 90 mm 
Weight : 3.5 grams 
Connection : SMA Connector 50 Ohm

Warning, all flarm equipment is suseptable to static shock so please make sure before touching any antenna componants you have grounded yourself. Static shock can seriously damage your flarm device!