Glider Battery Endurance+ LiFePO4 10Ah battery - prebuilt

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What’s new ?

The ENDURANCE+ version is a game changer in battery safety and reliability for gliding. It introduces enhanced safety features, A-grade LiFePO4 cells from a trusted manufacturer, and an upgraded Battery Management System (BMS) with improved wiring and layout. Elevate your gliding experience with these battery endurance advancements.

New features and enhancements in the ENDURANCE+ model:

  1. Enhanced Cell Protection: The ENDURANCE+ model incorporates a refined design for cells, wiring, and BMS layout to provide superior protection against potential impacts and shocks.
  2. Pure Nickel Connectors: This model features pure nickel connectors, ensuring better durability and exceptional resistance to vibrations.
  3. Dual Thermal Sensors: Two thermal sensors are integrated to monitor and safeguard both cells and BMS functions, enhancing overall safety.
  4. Premium Cell Quality: Utilizing A-grade cells sourced from a reputable manufacturer significantly enhances battery longevity and reliability.
  5. Advanced BMS: The ENDURANCE+ model boasts an upgraded BMS and components that not only optimize battery performance but also provide more precise protection mechanisms.


Buy your LiFePO4 10Ah battery prebuilt for you with the battery cap and connector already fitted.

The battery cap contains a 10A circuit breaker and comes fitted with a female XLR plug, wired to a polarity of your choice (please specify).

The LiFePO4 batteries offer 10Ah of capacity in the size of a standard 7Ah glider battery.

Fast charging, over 2000 charging cycles and the safest Lithium battery format yet, the 10Ah battery delivers consistent discharge voltage for a much longer time than a standard lead acid battery and at just 1.5kg it’s a third of the weight!



More Information


The rechargeable LiFe battery employs lithium iron phosphate as its cathode and carbon as its anode. The electrolyte salt dissolves in organic compound solvent and the electrolyte system is absorbed by the separators and the plates. All batteries of this type have a special one-way valve to allow the disaggregate-tire solvent gases to escape.


Each individual cell is spiral wound and formed to a prismatic cell. The nominal cell voltage is 3.2V. Four cells are placed in series in order to create 12.8V.To protect the battery from over charging and over discharging the battery is equipped with an internal battery management system (BMS). The BMS also takes care of the balance between the internal cells. To avoid overheating of the battery, a special insertion, called PTC, is added to the electrolyte. This additive neutralizes the electrolyte and disables the battery permanently if the internal temperature exceeds 80C.

General features

  • More than 2000 deep cycles, LiFePO4 offers the lowest life-cycle costs, using a graphite anode.
  • The battery may be installed in any direction, (upside down is not recommended)
  • Excellent high-rate discharge and recharge capabilities
  • One third the weight of an equivalent lead acid battery
  • Long service life in floating application
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Excellent safety
  • Environmental friendly due to the absence of heavy metals
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