Canopy Scratch Repair Kit

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This kit is for removing scratches from your canopy. Includes instructions and all the equipment you will need to do the job.


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Keep calm and follow the instructions
13 August 2020  | 

Having just acquired an almost immaculate glider let down by an unsightly scratch in the canopy I bought this kit to fix it. Being quite deep the instructions asked me to take some 600 grit wet & dry to the area and it was not without some trepidation that I did so. No circular motions - keep straight lines. Then successively finer grits at 90 degrees each time so you can see the scratches go until finally the 6000 supplied. By this time you can see through the canopy again and allow yourself to breath. Finish with the fine polishing cream and perfect. I used a softer sponge that the one supplied owing to the curvature where the scratch was. The supplied grits are on a fabric type material rather than paper like wet&dry so can be dried, stored and re-used. I removed my canopy before starting and used plenty of water. Have a good towel handy because to see if the previous layer has been removed the area has to be perfectly dry.

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