Autumn newsletter 2020

Wave bars over New Zealand

    Oxygen kit pictures

Get ready for the second wave (season)

As restrictions on travelling abroad have been coming and going, many more pilots are choosing to venture to the UK's wave sites. 

To help you kit your glider out with oxygen, we have produced a useful guide to help you decide which system is best for you.

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Workshop picture

ARCs and annual inspections at Navboys

Have you booked your glider in for its annual inspection and ARC renewal yet?

With 4 inspectors and 3 ARC signatories within our team, we can assist you with getting your glider inspected, serviced and air-worthy at a competitive price.

If your glider is based at Lasham, we can even collect your glider from the trailer line, de-rig and collect it from a hangar slot and return it after the work is complete.

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  Volume 3 book picture

The Soaring Engine Volume 3 - High Performance Flying

G Dale has recently released his latest book.

Where volumes 1 and 2 taught the reader about how the weather 'works'. The Soaring Engine Volume 3 - 'High Performance Flying' aims to focus on specifically how to bring the best performance out of yourself, the glider and the weather. 

It goes into detail about handling techniques, thermal selection and routing, 'how we think' in the air and technical aspects involved with the modern day racing of gliders.

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  Transponder picture

Transponders and ADSB

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in demand for knowledge and supply of conspicuity equipment. This includes the latest FLARM, transponder and ADSB technology. The benefits of being equipped with a transponder are most apparent to glider pilots when seeking zone transits through controlled airspace - a factor which is sadly becoming more prominent.

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We have fitted conspicuity equipment to a range of Schleicher, Schempp-Hirth, JS, HPH, DG and LS gliders. We have also fitted units to a number of TMGs and towplanes.

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Repair materials picture

Repair materials from Navboys

As we go into Winter, it is an ideal time to start tackling that jobs list.

We stock many common repair materials for gliders including epoxy resin (collection only), fibreglass cloth, filler, hard-wax and canopy scratch repair kits. This is on top of our range of spares and hardware including sealing tapes, tyres and tubes, wing tip skids, TE probes and much more.

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