LX90x0T - Touchscreen now available!

The top of the range nav, glide computer and variometer systems from LXNAV are now available to order with a touchscreen!

The LX90x0 series (LX9000, LX9070 and LX9050) can be ordered now with an optional touchscreen display!

Existing LX90x0 (4th generation) owners can upgrade their device's screen to a touchscreen as well*.


Why would I want a touch screen?

The LX90x0T will still have all the same hardware buttons and remote stick interface as the existing LX90x0 series, so you can still use it as you do now, however with the addition of the touchscreen, panning across the map display, zooming in and out, choosing your 'turning point' within an AAT sector or previewing your task after input is all made far easier.

See LXNAV's demonstration video here.


Order your LX90x0T here:



*Only 4th generation LX90x0 devices can be upgraded with a touchscreen display. Upgrade price: £611

Click here to find out which generation of LX90x0 you own.