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The 1.5” sheath with forward placement of adhesive designed to minimise unintended detachment.The sheath is a condom-like device designed to facilitate urination. The sheath is connected to a collection bag, which can be stored in the footwell. This sheath and bag system offers security, confidence, and convenience especially during very long or high altitude flights. The sheath is latex-free.


More Information

Male Urinary Sheath Condom Catheters come in a range of diameters. To measure the correct size:

  • Cut a strip of paper from an A4 sheet of paper (approx 20mm wide).
  • Pass the strip around the penis near the base.
  • Mark the circumference size on the paper.
  • Lay the paper strip flat and measure to the mark in mm.
  • Divide this value by 3 to find the diameter.
  • Select a sheath that is the same or slightly larger than your measured diameter.
  • For example, a 90mm paper length would mean a 30mm diameter. Your choice would be the 30-33mm diameter sheath.


  • Clean and thoroughly dry the penis and surrounding area before use.
  • Avoid shaving the pubic area to prevent irritation. Trimming is acceptable if needed.
  • Ensure that the foreskin is kept forward during the application of the catheter.

Applying the Catheter:

  • Place the self-adhesive catheter onto the penis, leaving a gap of approximately 2cm between the tip of the penis and the exit hole of the sheath.
  • Once applied, grip the sheath for about 10 seconds to warm and secure the adhesive in place.
  • The catheter can be worn continuously for up to 3 days.
  • Connect the leg bag to the end of the sheath to allow urine to pass through and facilitate easy disposal.

Catheter Removal:

  • It is recommended to remove the catheter while bathing or showering, as warm water and soap can make removal easier.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes before applying another catheter after removal.
  • Dispose of the used sheaths in the usual household rubbish.
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