Soaring Adventure by Mike Fox

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Soaring Adventure- A guide for club pilots

“I have had a quick read of your book and I love it. It should be recommended reading for all solo pilots taking their first steps away from the circuit.” Andy Davis MBE – double World gliding champion.

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Whats in this book?

125 pages of full colour, illustrated by fantastic pictures and a few diagrams. Within this book I hope to inspire you to move on to your own gliding adventure!

Who’s this book for?

Anyone who has mastered the mechanics of flying a glider, and wants to develop their soaring skills beyond flying circuits. Even experienced pilots and instructors may glean some knowledge from these pages.


Many people will assume that having an adventure in a glider relies on experience, an uncanny feel for the sky and perhaps a little magic. In fact, there is very little magic fairy dust involved. What gliding really asks of its participants is to take part in a journey. That journey is not only about the techniques you learn along the way, but especially the confidence you will develop as you learn those techniques. That well-founded confidence is what will ultimately take you on adventures that you will never forget.

That’s why I try to explain in simple, manageable chunks, how to gain that skill and confidence and how to continually discover new horizons – literally! I don’t use many diagrams or even much detailed theory. I try to explain techniques using photos of things and stories of flights that I have picked up in my twenty-five years learning this sport.

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6 Reviews:

Bought by my wife
23 December 2021  | 

Bought by my wife, frustrated at not knowing what to buy a glider pilot for Christmas! I am looking forward to receiving it and having a good read.

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Fabulous Book
17 September 2021  | 

Beautifully produced with excellent photos and a real quality fell to it. Easy to read with clear guidance and explanations on how to improve post solo. Worth the money.

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Soaring Adventure
19 August 2021  | 

Excellent read, very informative. Makes some difficult concepts and science very easy to understand. Well worth the purchase.

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Good service
21 April 2021  | 

Haven't read the book yet, but ordering and service was good.

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Soaring Adventure by Mike Fox
17 February 2021  | 

Nice book

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Most accessible gliding book Iíve read
20 December 2020  | 

This was definitely money well spent. Fresh, lively explanations that read like your favourite instructor is explaining something over a relaxed coffee in the clubhouse. Too many gliding manuals are dull and dry!

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