SOTECC Canopy Flash (with connect box)
SOTECC Canopy Flash (with connect box)
SOTECC Canopy Flash (with connect box)
SOTECC Canopy Flash (with connect box)

SOTECC Canopy Flash (with connect box)

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In a nutshell

-Improved visibility through five powerful red CREE® LEDs

-Supplied SOTECC configurator for individual requirements

-Collision warning against aircraft without FLARM®

-No impairment of releasing the canopy in an emergency

-Kit adapted to fit glider type


More Information


The advantages at a glance

Red means danger

Red is quickly perceived by the human eye. Due to its high contrast red stands out compared to white gliders. After several flight tests the colour red was chosen for the CREE®-LEDs to fit the canopy flash. Even on sunny days with a bright sunshine the SOTECC canopy-flash is visible

Glider pilots are individualists

The canopy flash SOTECC strobe can be configured with the SOTECC configurator. This allows fast and easy adjustment of the flash frequency as well as alarm threshold. Different demands require different settings. For e.g. the difference between a flight school to cross country pilots.

Protection against aircraft without flarm

Unfortunately there is still a high number of aircraft without any anti-collision devices. As the canopy flash is always flashing throughout the whole flight it gives you protection against aircraft without flarm. The device flashes at a battery saving frequency to guarantee it will keep going the whole flight. All this fully automatic, without a switch so no cause for distraction.

Canopy Plug Interface (for installation in sailplanes with side opening canopies)

With side opening canopies, it is of fundamental importance that in the event of an emergency release, it is not blocked by cables or other connections.

That is why SOTECC has invested a lot of time in the development of  hood contact that combines functionality and safety with uncomplicated installation.

ConnectBOX (configurable control unit for automatic mode)

When the glider is stationary on the ground, the LED device remains switched off.


As soon as the aircraft starts moving, this is recognized and the device automatically starts flashing with an energy-saving flash frequency.

If an impending collision is detected, the flash frequency of the LED’s changes.

After landing, the LED device automatically goes into standby mode and no longer flashes.


Dimensions: 70x20x60mm

Power consumption: 100mA (low flash frequency without warnings @ 13 volts)

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1 Review:

Superb bit of kit
11 May 2023  | 

Fantastic bit of kit, well made, everything needed in the package (including a pack of gummy bears!). Easy to set-up, cant fault it. Very bright, highly recommend.

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