Stripe Off Disc - Removes adhesive residue

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Useful for removing stubborn adhesive residue left over from old mylar seals.

Ideal for the quick removal of pinstriping, decals, stickers, adhesive tape, and residue from paint or gelcoat without damaging the surface. Also suitable to use on glass, metal and wood. Designed to be used with power and air drills with a 6mm chuck capacity, this makes easy work of what can be a time-consuming task.

Take care - do not use at high RPM and keep it moving along the surface to prevent build up of heat.

More Information
  • Rubber erasure wheel.
  • For removing stripes, decals, stickers and moulding adhesive.
  • Fluted stripe off disc also available - please see Power-TEC Part No.
  • With 6mm shank. 90mm x 15mm
  • Max 4000 rpm
  • Weight  = 0.2g
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