The Soaring Engine Bundle Volumes 2, 3 & 4
The Soaring Engine Bundle Volumes 2, 3 & 4
The Soaring Engine Bundle Volumes 2, 3 & 4
The Soaring Engine Bundle Volumes 2, 3 & 4
The Soaring Engine Bundle Volumes 2, 3 & 4

The Soaring Engine Bundle Volumes 2, 3 & 4

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The Soaring Engine volume 2 explain wave and convergence. Volume 3 looks at flying techniques, managing our brains in the cockpit, how to practise and competition theory. Volume 4 looks at air frames and instruments.

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The Soaring Engine volume 2 - 'Wave and Convergence'

The first volume covered the basis of using ridge and thermal lift to soar in both flatland and mountain terrain.

Volume 2 goes on to describe the more advanced techniques required when flying in convergence or wave systems.

Illustrated with clear simple diagrams, this book is a primer for soaring pilots flying anything from a paraglider to high performance sailplanes.

The Soaring Engine volume 3 - 'High Performance Flying'

Flying techniques are looked at in detail, covering aspects such as 'Speed flying in the real world', Thermal and route selection and specific aspects of the flight such as cruising, climbing and the final glide. It also looks at how we use our brains in flight and covers techniques to improve some of the most common pitfalls. How to practise and competition flying is also looked at in detail.

You may have read other books on how to fly gliders fast, however none of them are as up-to-date with modern techniques, equipment and perceptions as this one.

The Soaring Engine volume 4 - 'Airframes and avionics'

Volume four is about the equipment. Gliding is an unusual blend of technology andartistry, and today’s sailplanes are aerodynamically refined and optimised. Current avionics suites are equally sophisticated, with powerful processors, moving maps, complex user interfaces, electronic conspicuity systems and internet connectivity. This high performance comes at the cost of significantly increased complexity.


Volume 1 

Edition: Second

Copyright: 2016 by G Dale

Illustrations: by G Dale

Published by: The Soaring Engine

First printing: October 2016

ISBN 978-0992827014

Softcover:142 pages


Volume 2 

Edition: First

Copyright: June 1st 2016 by G Dale

Illustrations: by G Dale

Published by: The Soaring Engine

First printing: November 2016

ISBN 978-0992827021

Softcover:132 pages


Volume 3 

Edition: First

Copyright: June 1st 2020 by G Dale

Illustrations: by G Dale

Published by: The Soaring Engine

First printing: June 2020

ISBN 978-0-9928270-4-5

Softcover:148 pages

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5 Reviews:

Purchase of books
16 November 2022  | 

Great service thank you. Bought books as birthday and Christmas presents for my son so can't comment on actual content of them but he liked vol. 1 and so said would like the others. He hasn't been given them yet!
Speedy service and arrived in good condition.

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Excellent as always!
13 October 2022  | 

I have ordered a few items over the years from Navboys and thoroughly recommend them. I recently ordered G Dale’s books for a family member. Shaun and the staff at Navboys are always so helpful. They give advice, quick replies and a very fast dispatch service. They even went the extra mile to add the particular bundle I needed onto their website, so that I could order it easily. The books arrived within a couple of days. Top notch, friendly service. Thank you, Navboys.

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Just the job
10 December 2020  | 

Gee's Soaring Engine proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks. The books are not hardback and around 150 pages each so could be considered to be expensive. They are worth it because they are full of very useful information presented in a refreshingly easy to understand language. I have been gliding (and sometimes soaring!) for over 50 years and these books are just what I needed to refresh my knowledge of soaring.

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The Soaring Engine 1,2 & 3
06 August 2020  | 

Still in lockdown in Scotland, and I am not solo, so unable to fly at all, so I purchased these three books to read up, and broaden my knowledge. I initially thought that they would be far too complicated for a newbie, however, they are really excellent books, written in an easy style, which is informative, understandable, and well illustrated - without being complicated. `G`, has a great ability to communicate technical subject matter, without totally baffling the reader - the simple drawings matching the content are very explanatory.... As a ab initio myself I would say that these books are definitely for all skill levels from beginners up, as there is a lot of really good stuff over the three volumes. As the larger topics are broken down in to small sections, I feel that these books will be ideal to keep referring back to as I gain more experience and can put theory in to practice - and try to get better !!

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I will let you know when I receive the books
06 July 2020  | 

Still havent got the books. I shall not keep my breath, nor let my beard grow while I wait or I may perish or become a very large bearded man before these items find me.

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G Dale