TOST Tyre/tube 200 x 50 Foam filled (split hub only)

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Your standard TOST Tyre but with a solid foam core for puncture less operation. Can only be fitted to a split hub!

Please note the weight of the foam filled tyre is 1000g, a normal tyre and tube is 530g. If you use this tyre, you should re calculate the weight and balance and adjust the placard accordingly.

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3 Reviews:

Tough to fit but so far so good
30 May 2024  | 

Just fitted it to a Ventus and it was a challenge. Managed to shear three of the 6 bolts when trying to pull the halves of the hub together. I had some longer bolts to get the job started which were fine but getting the two halves of the hub tight proved impossible, as evidenced by three sheared bolts! This meant that the axle spacers would not fit until they were thinned down. I haven't flown with it yet but hopefully it will be satisfactory and eliminate any flat tyres in future

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Works well
15 May 2021  | 

Bought this to save the constant nuisance of keeping my tailwheel up to pressure with a heavy "turbo tail". It takes a bit of effort to pull the split hub together (longer temporary bolts are useful) but when fitted provides similar resilience to a firmly pumped up tube/tyre. It does weight about 0.5kg more, so you need to do a Weight & Balance recalculation (added about 2kg to my min cockpit).

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Puncture proof tyre
30 March 2021  | 

If it does what it should, it'll be good.
The 200x50 is 600g heavier than a pneumatic tyre and tube. I found it impossible to fit onto the rim out on the airfield - had to bring it home and find a way to compress the two halves of the rim together. Otherwise, the bolts weren't long enough to get the nuts started.

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