TQ KRT-2S VHF 8.33kHz Radio

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Complete Colour VHF transceiver in a 2 ¼ inch (57mm) housing, only 144mm depth. 8.33 / 25 kHz, integrated VOX / Intercom, dual watch mode. Satisfies upcoming equipment requirement for 8.33kHz channel spacing. Dual-watch technology: Simultaneous monitoring of two frequencies. Memory for up to 100 user-definable named frequencies. Can be uses with a remote control unit for two seat glider.

More Information

The KRT2-S Colour VHF-AM transceiver has a full graphic Colour LC-display that allows for easy reading under all light conditions, including full sun. The display illumination can be dimmed or turned off. The KRT2 is designed for 8.33 kHz and 25kHz channel spacing that will become the new international standard for airborne communication. Switching between the 8.33 and the 25 kHz mode is effortlessly simple. Standard or dynamic microphones can be used. A built-in-test facility increases flight safety. The dual watch mode that allows scanning of two different channels is included.


Main Features:


Frequency Range:

118.000 MHz to 136.990 MHz

Channel Selection:

8.33 or 25 kHz (select automatically)

RF-Output Power:

> 5 W (carrier power)

Receiver Sensitivity:

> 12 dB SINAD @ 2 uV

Input Voltage Range:

9 V DC to 36 V DC

Operating Temperature Range:

 -20°C to +55°C, for short time up to +70°C

Current consumption:

1,6 A @12 V DC (transmit), 110mA@12 V DC (receive standby)


ETSO-2C169a, ED-23B Class 4, C, TSO- C169a,Class 6, H1 & H2


dual watch mode, integrated VOX / Intercom

Weight / dimensions:

360g / 65 x 65 x 144 (+ plugs) mm


For easy installation and replacement of old 57mm 25 kHz Radios we offer a range of adapters that connect into your existing Radio wiring loom so you don’t have to re wire everything. Alternately, if your old radio does not have an adapter listed, there is a simple wiring loom option as well. Don’t forget that Radio installations need to be signed off by your inspector and the logbook of the aircraft updated. You will also need to inform the Radio License people of the change of Radio. Navboys can arrange fitting and the paperwork for you. We can also advise on the best way to re sell your old radio to reduce the total cost. Navboys can be contacted here

The advantages at a glance

  • Very high frequency stability and channel separation – under all operating conditions
  • Spectacular low weight of just 360 grams – ideal for gliders and ultralights
  • Compact dimensions – for easy and flexible installation
  • Minimized power consumption – optimized for battery operation in gliders and balloons
  • Crystal-clear voice transmission – for perfect communication
  • Large, high-contrast, long-life TFT colour display for excellent readability – even in direct sunlight
  • Intuitive controls – developed by pilots for pilots
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio – Made in Germany

Functionality at its best

In addition to its high-end design, the KRT2 impresses with many characteristics, which raise radio communication in the cockpit to a high level and open the way to functional extensions in the future.

  • Dual watch technology: Beside the main frequency, it is also possible to listen to a second frequency
  • Speech controlled intercom: Two headsets or loudspeakers with microphones (standard or dynamic) can be connected with the optionally available cable harness
  • 100 freely assignable frequency memories with 8-character, plain-text display: saves the re-entry of often used frequencies
  • Automatic squelch function: the threshold can be adjusted manually
  • Additional AF input: can be used, for example, for warning messages from anti-collision systems (Flarm, ADS-B)
  • Future-proof multi-functionality: through the possibility of firmware upgrades

Easy installation

The KRT2 is available in three models. In addition to the standard version for mounting in a 57-mm round slot, it is available to communication experts in mini-format, in landscape or portrait housings.


With its small housing length, it is easy to install, even in cockpits with confined space.


For mobile use, e.g. ballooning, the radio transceiver is also available as a portable station – ideally in combination with the KTX2 Model-S transponder.



Standard: 146.5 x 63.5 x 62 mm, Ø57 mm slot

Mini landscape: 147.5 x 62 x 46 mm

Mini portrait: 147.5 x 46 x 62 mm

Technical Data

Type 8.33 / 25 kHz VHF radio transceiver, 118,000 - 136,975 MHz, 2278 channels
Frequency precision ±5 ppm
Approvals ETSO-2C169a / TSO-C169a
Transmitter: EUROCAE ED-23C Class 4, 6, RTCA DO-186B Class 4, 6
Receiver: EUROCAE ED-23C Class C-D-E-H1/2, RTCA DO-186B Class C-D-E
Compatibility EUROCAE ED-23C, RTCA DO-186B, RTCA DO-160F, RTCA DO-178B Software Level D
Operating voltage 9 - 33 V DC
Power consumption (@12 V) Standby: 1 - 1.4 W (depending on display brightness settings)
Transmit: 17 - 30 W (depending on modulation level)
Transmitted power 6 W @ ≥ 13.5 V
Loudspeaker output ≥10 W in 4 Ω
Operating temperature -15°C ... +55°C
Weight 360 g
Max. operating altitude 35,000 ft
Dimensions 146,5 x 63,5 x 62 mm (standard), 147,5 x 62 x 46 mm (mini)
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