S3 UPS backup battery pack

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The LXNAV S3 UPS battery pack is specially designed as a backup supply for the S3 variometer.

The UPS would be installed permanently behind your instrument panel and would be inserted in-line between your S3 vario and your power source. Should your power source ever fail the UPS would then give you a full 10 hours' useage to get you safely home.

The UPS can also be connected to an S3 rear seat repeater in a two-seat glider, and would provide both varios with power, but for less time.

Connects using a standard RJ12 to RJ12 cable.

More Information

Dimensions: 134mm x 62mm x 33.9mm

Weight: 270g

Main features:

  • capacity for more than 10 hours of S3 operation
  • second output socket for S3D repeater
  • max input voltage 25VDC
  • output voltage 12.6V - 9.9V DC
  • max output current 1A
  • intelligent power management
  • integrated smart charger
  • integrated balancer
  • capacity for more than 10 hours of S3 operation
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