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Please choose the units you require the outside of the vario to be marked in - knots or m/s. The units of the LCD display's navboxes are configurable in the settings.

The S3 makes an ideal vario for a basic club glider setup but is also used in conjunction with the S3 UPS Backup Battery by some competition pilots as an effective backup electric vario (often instead of a mechanical vario) should the glider's power supply fail.


Standalone digital vario meter with  speed to fly • Standard dimensions - 57 mm diameter (2¼)” with depth only 50mm  • Extremely bright 2” (5 cm) colour display readable in all sunlight conditions  with the ability to adjust the backlight • One rotary switch (knob) with push  button function is used for input • Pre-loaded polar database for almost all  gliders • Mechanical needle driven by stepper motor indicating vertical speed •  Many custom audio settings • 100Hz sampling rate for very fast response •  Internal speaker • Power input 6-16 V DC • Power consumption typical 110mA •  Weight 156 g

More Information
  • High accuracy (cm) variometer and altimeter.
  • Preloaded almost all glider polars
  • Fast manipulation an settings with one rotary knob
  • Logbook
  • Display of 3 different values (set by user)
  • ARM processor 
  • Mechanical needle driven by stepper motor
  • QVGA (320*240pixels) sunlight readable display
  • Digital temperature compensated altitude pressure sensors 
  • Smooth audio output
  • Integrated speaker


  • Rotary knob with push function for Mc,Bal,Bugs and other settings
  • Audio output
  • Serial RS232 input/output (for firmware updates and rear seat repeater)


  • S3D - rear seat repeater (Simple installation with only one plug, with ability to adjust vario volume also from rear seat)


  • 95mA-135mA at 12V depending on LCD brightness, without audio


  • 60mm x 60mm x 50mm 
  • Weight: ~156g 


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