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Task Navigation Option
Airspace Display Option
Pilot Profile Customisation Option
Digital Inputs Option

The popular LXNAV S80 and S8 standalone varios now have a new CLUB variant available. If you need a standalone variometer, with all the same connectivity, upgradeability and accuracy as the S80/S8, but without the need for airspace, tasks, pilot profiles and remote inputs (airbrake, undercarriage warnings etc), then the S80/S8 Club is the choice for you. Built with the exact same hardware as for the S80/S8, these units can be upgraded to include any of the above features as a software upgrade - meaning it can be upgraded to full S80/S8 functionality at any point in the future. They can also be upgraded to include AHRS, bluetooth functionality just like the S80/S8.

The S8 is a 57mm diameter unit. For the 80mm variant, you need the S80.

  • Airspace Indication
  • AHRS Indication
  • TSK Navigation
  • Digital Inputs
  • Pilot Profiles
More Information
  • ARM Cortex-M4 processor running on 160MHz
  • 2.5'' QVGA sunlight readable screen with 1200nits
  • QVGA (320*240pixels) sunlight readable display
  • Digital temperature compensated pressure sensors for altitude and airspeed
  • inertial platform 3 axis digital +-8g accelerometer, 3 gyroscopes (for inertial vario, AHRS and wind calculation - AHRS can be activated with code)
  • Dual pressure Technology
  • Smooth audio output
  • Audio equalizer
  • integrated synthesized speech output 
  • audible thermal assistant
  • External SD card for configuration, flarmnet and firmware update
  • 2 rotary switches (knobs) with push button function and 3 push buttons are used for input
  • ALS (ambient light sensor)
  • 6 digital inputs - SC, VP + 4 custom defined (optional)
  • 57 mm air norm
  • 16 bit color display
  • 2.5”(~ 6.5cm) screen
  • 320 by 240 pixel resolution


  • GPS port input/output on RS232 level (standard IGC 6 pin connector RJ11)
  • PDA port input/output on RS232 or TTL level for PDA/PNA devices with 5V power supply (8 pin RJ 45, 5V output max 2A)
  • audio output
  • 1Mbit CAN bus for connection for S8D repeater, compass or remote stick
  • Speed command and Vario priority input + 4 additional inputs
  • Two Rotary knobs with push function
  • 3 push buttons


  • Moving map with airspace track up option
  • Airspace display (optional)
  • AHRS display (optional)
  • Thermal assistant
  • Display of 4 configurable values
  • Display of 3 configurable values on map screen
  • Waypoint navigation
  • TASK navigation (optional)
  • Flarm Radar
  • Flarm Warnings
  • Flarm Net
  • Digital Inputs (optional)
  • Pilot profiles (optional)


  • AHRS activation with a CODE - no need for any hardware upgrade
  • Remote stick
  • Compass module (not supported yet - under development)
  • S8D repeater unit
  • Oudie
  • Bluetooth
  • Nano/Nano3
  • FLAP sensor


  • Power input 10-16 V DC
  • Consumption of LXNAV S8 at 12 V:
    • 120 mA - minimum brightness without audio.
    • 180 mA - maximum brightness without audio.
  • Consumption of LXNAV S8D at 12 V:
    • 90mA - maximum brightness


  • Standard 57mm (21") hole
  • 61mm x 61mm x 95mm (exclusive connector)
  • Weight: ~330g


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