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The Electric Standard Class Racer

Right after its roll-out, the LS8 has become a favored aircraft with fantastic handling qualities. The neo version features enhenced flight characteristics as well as a better performance. How does that work? Todayís Standard Class gliders do not handle that good at their maximum take-off weight of 525kg. Ė Up to now! The LS8e neo behaves perfectly even when full of water and still climbs together with lighter contestants. In cruise flight it then benefits from high wing-loading and its increased performance. Combining the LS8 with the well proven FES system was a logical step. Purists can still order the LS8 without propulsion system.

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Brilliant Combination

The LS8e neo with itís FES system combines the best out of two worlds. On one side the LS8, which belongs to the best gliders in Standard Class especially in its neo Version. On the other side the FES, a simple and safe propulsion system which delivers its power instantly on demand and becomes your reliable partner in every situation.

Using the FES

the FES can be activated and deactivated within seconds. Power can be set individually depending on height and situation. In low altitude you usually use a high power setting to climb safely to the next thermal. After reaching safe altitude you can turn back power to approx. 5kW and continue searching for the next climb in level flight. As soon as a thermal is found you can turn off the FES within seconds and continue climb. This is the tactic to use battery power the most efficient way.

Keep it Simple

The simple and brilliant functional principle which is proven in the rc-model sector since decades was successfully adapted on sailplanes by LZ Design. Intuitive controls, simple handling and a low level of maintenance make this system the first choice among all sustainer systems.

To activate the system you simply need to turn on the FES main switch and adjust the rpm needed on the FCUís power-potentiometer. Instantly the electric motor will start to turn and allows up to 2m/s climb rate. The propeller blades remain open due to centrifugal force.

To switch-off the propulsion system you set motor power back to zero. The FCU will automatically stop the motor and align its propeller. Airstream pushes back the blades to the fuselage and by turning-off the FES main switch the system is deactived.

Simple Battery Management

FES standard equipment allows easy handling of battery and propulsion system. You get a set of two battery chargers which allow charging the FES batteries simultanously in a very safe way. A data cable can be connected to a laptop which allows analyzing and checking each battery pack on demand.

In case the glider is not in use for a long time you may discharge the FESí batteries down to 50%. A special device for that is part of the equipment. It monitors the process and automatically switches off as soon as Voltage has reached the anticipated level.

Treating the batteries right pays-off! More than 10 years are no problem at all. Keep the Batteries at 50% for storage and prevent discharge and your batteries will stay in shape for a very long time!

No Compromise in Safety

In order to gain a high level of safety, even in a rough club like environment, the LS8e neo features 3 security levels which avoid activating the motor on ground accidentally.

First step is a ďbridgeĒ which connects the batteries in the battery compartment. Itís installed and the compartment is closed before flight.

Second step is a safety switch mounted to the bottom of the instrument panel. The motor can only start turning as soon as the canopy is closed and locked.

Last step is the FES main switch in the panel. The pilot has to activate this switch deliberately to start the FES system.

In order to stow both batteries (2x 16kg) safely the batteries are supplied in stainless steel boxes. These boxes house the battery while transport, charging and storage.

All-Rounder for Clubs

due to easy handling, excellent flight characterstics and availability in two wing-spans (15m + 18m) the LS8e neo is the perfect aircraft for a modern glider fleet. Joy flights, cross-country or comeptition, the LS8e neo is adaptable for every purpose and therefore is flown by numerous pilots.

No Compromises in Competition

Due to itís simple propulsion system the LS8e neo becomes the perfect partner to train for competition.

Pilotís who want to push performace to the max can optionally remove propeller blades and FES Batteries in comeptition. The LS8e neo becomes a light LS8sc neo then without propellerblades disturbing the airflow around the nose of the fuselage.

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