SOTECC Canopy Flash Lite Kit

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Sotecc Anti-collision LED-Canopy flasher LITE kit for enhanced flight safety.
With just a few simple steps, soldering, screws and a little technical skill, assemble the canopy flasher according to the instructions provided and install it in the plane.
Besides the proven Flarm systems, you now have the option to be way better visible in the air.
And since we fly VFR, this might even be better as Flarm for flight safety (off course both is best).

With its six LEDs, the canopy flasher is the ideal combination of visibility and efficiency.
The inconspicuous, black design, makes it adapt to most modern glider cockpits.
The canopy flasher does not reflect in the canopy and does not restrict the field of view!

The canopy flasher LITE cannot be combined with the connectBOX and will flash with predetermined frequency (which cannot be changed) when power is supplied.

In a nutshell.
- Improved visibility thanks to five powerful CREE® LEDs.
- Collision warning also against aircraft without Flarm.
- No impairment of the emergency canopy release.
- Canopy flasher adapted to the aircraft type.

More Information

Technical specifications:
Material: Scratch resistant 3D printed PA-12
Operating temperature: −30°C to +70°C
Input voltage range: 9 - 18V DC
Power consumption: 100 mA @12V
Canopy flasher weight: 90g
L: 70-105mm (aircraft type dependent)
W: 60-80mm (aircraft type dependent)
H: 20mm


Dimensions: 70x20x60mm

Power consumption: 100 mA

Weight: about 90g

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