Sotecc Connection box retro fit

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SOTEC retrofit connection box for existing SOTEC flasher installations.

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Function (only as a retrofit kit for hood flasher stand-alone)
When standing still on the ground, the flasher remains switched off. As soon as the aircraft starts to move, this is detected and the speed camera automatically starts flashing at a power-saving flash frequency. The pilot therefore does not have to operate the control switch in normal operation .

  • Reducing pilot workload
  • Less potential for errors thanks to automatic mode
  • Collision warning also for aircraft without FLARM®
  • Power-saving normal operation

If an impending collision is detected, the flashing frequency of the hood flasher changes. After landing, the canopy flasher automatically goes into standby mode and stops flashing.

scope of delivery

1. connectBOX

2. SOTECC configurator

3. shielded cable for installation

4. Instructions

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